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3M Anti-Static Heel Grounders

3M foot grounders are designed and manufactured for comfort, durability, and cost effectiveness. 3M's grounders and heel straps in its personal grounding line are UL listed for safety and tested for electrical performance. 3M uses time-tested construction techniques including computer controlled stitching, riveting, die cutting, and heat cutting to ensure consistent performance.

3M Heel Grounder Product Selection Guide

Heel Grounder Type Closure Style Features Model Number
Premium Cup Style Blue non-marking sole, black elastic loop Non-marking NS-HGC1M
Standard Cup Style Black sole, burgundy hook and loop Moderate heel contact area 2051
Standard Cup Style Black hook and elastic loop Moderate heel contact area HGC1M
Standard Cup Style Blue hook and elastic loop High visibility, tennis sole HGC1M-N72-BLU
Standard Style Red, D-ring, black hook and loop Red elastic back HGS1MD-RED
Economy Cup Style Black sole, yellow-green hook and loop High visibility, low cost 2044
Economy Cup Style Green hook and loop High visibility, low cost HGC1M-ECG
Economy Cup Style Black hook and loop Low cost HGC1M-EC
Economy Toe Grounder Adjustable buckle, no D-ring at the toe Fits high heels, low cost TG1M
Green hook and loop provides visual assurance that heel grounders are being used. The elastic strap offers comfortable adjustability.
MSRP:   $ 4.31
Price:   $4.31
Limited Quantities - The 3M Economy Heel Grounder 2044 is a cup style heel grounder with a high visibility "yellow glow" strap that helps facility supervisors.
MSRP:   $ 7.86
Price:   $4.13
Limited Quantities - The 3M Shoe Grounder Assembly 2051 is designed to effectively ground mobile personnel when they are in contact with conductive and dissipative flooring.
MSRP:   $ 13.92
Price:   $7.31
Fits high heels and other shoes that traditional heel grounders won't. This quality grounder features a durable three layer sole.
MSRP:   $ 9.00
Price:   $7.70