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ISC Online offers a wide selection of quality coolers, fans, and heaters from the best brand on the market - TPI. TPI heating and cooling products provide portable climate control wherever you need it most - from a shop floor to a construction site to a gym.

Evaporative coolers (or swamp coolers) are low cost cooling solutions that use much less electricity than conventional air conditioners. They also do not use refrigerants allowing for less maintenance and environmental impact.

Industrial portable floor fans (or drum fans, or blower fans, or any other name you choose - they go by many!) move the maximum amount of air with the least wind noise.

Electric portable salamander heaters deliver dry, dependable heat at a minimal cost wherever you need it most, all without moisture being added back into the air. All fan-forced units offer an adjustable thermostat, safety guards on both the intake and output ends, and a safety yellow cylindrical enclosure.